Meet The Team!


 Founder, Manager, and Builder 

Hi I build Things.


Founder and Developer

I do the code things.


Founder and Developer

I love games and hope to make them one day! 

My mapmaking journey started as early as 2011. To me, Minecraft was as a giant easy-to-use level editor. I had a blast making small maps and sharing them with friends. 

My first map was a (still unreleased) spinoff of the “Escapecraft” series that was popular around the time. I started releasing maps publicly in 2017. I’m known for Mario Kart in Minecraft and Sprint Racer, two versions of what’s pretty much the same concept of combat sprint racing. 

Nowadays I make smaller, experimental maps and help out with other projects. My goal is to make a standalone game in a “proper” game engine.



I joined the world of mapmaking through my art, and I wanted to make some amazing things and this team proved that they could.

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